Classroom Management

In order to provide my students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, along with the other second grade teachers, I have developed the following Classroom Behavior Plan that will be in effect at all times. The rules are clearly posted and will be reviewed from time to time. As a class we will be spending time defining, practicing and reviewing the following school wide expectations.

1. Be Respectful.

2. Be Responsible.

3. Be Safe.

I feel that it is important to build a strong classroom community and I stress to my students that we always stick together and need to work as a team to have a successful, positive, and rewarding year. I use a color card chart for behavior.  Each day the students start on green. For negative behavior they can move down to yellow, then red. By demonstrating positive behavior a child can move up the card chart to purple, and eventually gold.

Redoubt has implemented a new school wide behavior plan that has shown great results already this school year. Students at Redoubt Elementary will BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL AND BE SAFE Roadrunners throughout the school day by following the three behavioral expectations. Students that follow these 3 expectations can earn red tickets. Once a child has earned 5 red tickets they can exchange them for a small prize.  The five tickets also earn a public acknowledgement of a Redoubt Roadrunner with his/her name on it that is racing for the goal.  Racing Roadrunners will be placed publicly in the hallway.  Once they reach a pre-determined “finish line” the entire school community will earn a celebration.  Every student will participate in the celebration of students meeting expectations.

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